Today's Men With the Book

I remember a prior blog posting telling the story of John Ross of Brucefield Ontario. It was entitled The Man With the Book. Go back more than a century to Huron County rural experience and see this farmer-lay preacher, carrying his Testament with him everywhere and offering tid-bits of Bible to people whom he met expressing a need, hope or frustration.

What a simple ministry of foot-washing this might prove to be! As one shares, one takes the risk of missing the real point of concern with the listener. But prayer and the Spirit of God will facilitate. And I am not talking scatter-shot distribution as I have seen with many tract carriers. One must be led. One must be broken. One must be respectful. One must at least half-see an opening.

But then, what better offering than the warning, promise or hope of God through Christ.

I am going to explore this.

This morning I opted not to attend a local assembly. In a nearby coffee-shop, I was seated close to a threesome, obviously discussing church leadership issues somewhere. The one man, of African origin, was particularly perplexed.

I wrote a scripture citation on a napkin, presented it to this man, told him to be encouraged, shook his hand and left, praying thereafter on my sunny walk homeward.

I offer this simply as a suggestion to others who carry daily with them "the pearl of great price". Go with God.


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