County fair time!
All are welcome
To the bounty of the fall.
And the animals
And craft shows
And the bake-offs,
Pies and all.
See the children
Cheer at horses,
As they strut
Around the ring.
See the show dogs
Groomed and glistening.
Hear the barber-
Shoppers sing.
Try your hand
At tempting ring-toss.
Win a prize
For your best girl.
See the County's
Biggest pumpkin.
"Record breaker
For the world!"
Gather 'round
The gay concessions:
Cotton candy,
Hot dogs too.
Caramel corn
And apple cider.
Toys and tee-shirts.
Buy a few.
Neighbours visit
'Round the table.
Strangers made
To feel at ease.
As the sunset
Yields to darkness,
And a brisk
September breeze.
On come lights
Of every colour,
Made to dazzle
Childish eyes,
Which are open
Way past bed-time.
Filled with wonder
And surprise.
Rides are dizzying
For the daring.
Cars and planes
That bump and climb.
When the clackety-
Clack is over,
Riders beg for
One more time.
Then the grandstand
Show finale,
With the music
And the dance,
And some local
Thespian antics,
Full of laughter
And romance.
Fair is over
For the season,
And the car-park
Empty soon.
And community's the reason,
'Neath a large
September moon.


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