Grey Highlands Perspective

Split-rail weaving
The golden-rod and purple*.
Split-rail riding
The moraine up-and-down.
Split-rail barring
The grazing beast from garden.
Split-rail luring
The wanderer from town.

Split-rail telling
The truce of farm and wood-lot.
Split-rail boasting
The skill of antique art.
Split-rail hosting
The bluebird's sweet domestic.
Split-rail keeping
The corn and beans apart.

Split-rail etching
The shadows at the margin.
Split-rail launching
The hawk's flight overhead.
Split-rail framing
The lattice of the harrow.
Split-rail guarding
The markers of the dead.

Split-rail edging
The gravel path to cabin.
Split-rail foiling
The season's amber, rust.
Split-rail drawing
The heart to hardy forbears.
Split-rail adding
A living touch to dust.

Split-rail backing
The pumpkins at the lane-way.
Split-rail squaring
The hillock and the pond.
Split-rail soothing
The feathered horse at sunset.
Split-rail mapping
Our trek, and much beyond.

(* Purple-stemmed aster)

Note: Take a drive up to Flesherton, Beaver Valley, Thornbury and Markdale for any and all of this to be enjoyed.


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