At this time of year when one contemplates and gives thanks and observes the very evident change of season, it would be appropriate to repeat the following:

It’s the joy of our sins all forgiven.
It’s the peace of the Lord’s resumed smile.
It’s the hope of new tasks in the Kingdom.
It’s the hush of His presence a while.
It’s the promise of kin never parting.
It’s the safety of homes filled with grace.
It’s the dignity love gives the lowly.
It’s the Body where each has his place.
It’s the troop of a marvelous Captain.
It’s the news of a battle well won.
It’s the end of all fretful endeavour.
It’s a right-standing now in God’s Son.
It’s the certainty His Word is faithful.
It’s the relish in simplest of prayer.
It’s the blazing of light at life’s passing.
It’s the knowing our Christ will be there.

(Picture by Maynard Dixon)


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