Still Hoping for the Home

Today on the radio, driving home, I heard a song entitled "Lead Me" by the group Sanctus Real. Apparently it has been on the top of the Gospel charts for over two months. And no wonder!

It is a beautiful prayer for strength for the male singer to be the husband, to be the father that he wants to be in his role in the family. The wife needs cherishing and strength. The children need guidance and companionship. The man faces real world pressures and buckles to the advertised standard, and not the Godly one. He cries out for God to lead him, strengthen him, be with him.

It appears that all are "hungry for love", and through God the rich dwelling place of a real home is accomplished.

I love this song. It has been so popular, and this surprisingly so in an age when we suspect that the traditional family is losing ground. Oh for everyone to see the shallowness and starvation of convenient alternatives to marriage, of trinkets for the kids instead of quality time with their parents.

I attach the You Tube presentation of the song:


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