Thank You, Mr. Hurlbut

Recently, in going through some of her parents things, Hilary discovered a treasured old volume, Hurlbut's Life of Christ for Young and Old, (1915) by Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut. This is a companion volume to the classic "Hurlbut's Story of the Bible".

Hilary remembers hearing stories read from its pages by her Mother and Father when she was very young. Who knows the impact which those moments had in drawing my wife to Christ? Who knows the sense of challenge, attraction and adventure?

I have started to examine the stories and I found even the introduction to be full of meaning. It reads in part:

"These then are some of the reasons why we should all seek to know the story of Jesus: because he is the greatest and most famous man that ever lived; because his story is full of interest and full of wonders, and is true; because he came to show us how kind and loving God is, and how willing to have us call upon him; because his life shows us a pattern of what we may be and tells us how we may be like him; because Jesus has made and is still making the world better, and brighter, and happier, wherever he is known; and best of all, because through Jesus our Saviour our sins may be forgiven and taken away, and we may be pure and holy as Jesus was upon the earth.

With these thoughts and aims, this Story of Jesus has been written. May it help many, young and old, to know Jesus better, to love him more, and to follow him more closely!"

Once again we are reminded of how the Kingdom Of God must be accepted in the spirit of a little child, and of how the life of Christ must have the preeminence in our examination of the scriptures. Preachers and teachers take note. Thank you, Mr. Hurlbut (1843-1930).


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