Nothing Shall Separate Me

(Taken from the devotional Make Haste My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts)

O God; Thy love is as a fire burning in my soul. When I think of Thee in the night seasons, Thou art as a refreshing shower. When I awaken in the morning, my first awareness is of Thy presence. My soul delights in Thy company, and Thy words are unto me as sustaining food.

Never have I been comfortless since Thou hast come to me in the person of Thy Holy Spirit. Never have I thirsted since Thou gavest me this Living Water. Thy countenance has been my sunshine. Thy love has kept my heart tender. I am not left to grope in the dark, but Thou guidest me with Thine eye, and with Thine hand upon my shoulder Thou restrainest me.

The sky shall be rolled up as a curtain. The stars shall be cast down as falling snow. The elements shall melt with fervent heat. Kingdoms shall be destroyed; but Thou, O My God, remainest forever, and I am held in Thy hand. Nothing shall separate me from the love of God.


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