Serving, Resting

(I am thankful for today's prayer entry in Knocking at God's Door by Oswald Chambers)

"Lord, I thank Thee for the counsel in the text this morning ("And let it be ...that thou shalt do as occasion serves thee; for God is with thee") not to fret myself into conscious usefulness, but just do as the occasion Thou hast engineered shall serve."

Was this not the method of Jesus? There always seemed to be a relaxed manner in the way the Master traveled about and made Himself available to those in need. Many nights were given to prayer and He was able to say that He did and said only as instructed by the Father. But did those prayer times result in specific instruction to be at a certain place at a certain time to work the Father's will? Or, rather, were they simply times to get close to the Father's heart. To hear Him pour in the comfort and encouragement and re-assurance that He was present and His power available.

Such intimacy energized a daily walk in which the Holy Spirit would urge unmistakably, "yes, that one over there is in need, or is ready, or not today but simply a word of direction...". Jesus said that He operated by the "finger of God" (ie. the Holy Spirit)

He was able to go about with the confidence that He was called, clean, covered, committed and capable through God. So may we.


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