Chaplain's Note

Bob came into Oncology looking for Ken's room. Finally he had found the magazines requested, Canadian Geographic and Field and Stream. The old boy still saw himself as an outdoorsman with a host of stories from the northland and earlier days.

There had not appeared to be any opening of a spiritual nature, but Bob was prepared to be patient. Perhaps it was time to leave one of his cards on the bedside table:

"My name is Bob. I am a volunteer Chaplain here at St. Margaret's with hours 9 to 4 on Tuesday through Thursday and Friday evening 6:30 to 8:30 for friends and relatives. My phone extension is 5729.

It is not my intention to add to the numbers of any particular church. I do desire to help patients understand Jesus more clearly. Healing involves body, mind and soul; it considers both present and past. Nothing frustrates healing worse than anxiety and unforgiveness. Peace with God brings peace with others, and ultimately a greater degree of contentment with self.

I can talk about this from personal experience or from the scriptures. My past career was in manufacturing. But I will only give an answer to the one who asks the reason for the hope within me. No arm bending here. God will have to initiate the "house call". The next step will be yours.

Best wishes in coping and in recovery,

Bob Swanson, Room 312 West, Extension 5729."


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