Madonna Pieta

Look at this picture. Troublesome! Classic Roman Catholic sculpture by Michelangelo. Showing the Mother all-capable, muscular, almost mannish, dealing with the problem of Golgotha.

The Son appears dead, wasted, prone, again in the lap of his Mother. And so it goes on in Catholicism. The Son is still impaled on the cross in many a hospital room. His body is still repeatedly broken in the revered host of the mass.

The suggestion is that Christ is all about suffering and passivity. His Mother is all about coping, overcoming and activity.

But let us in all honesty go to that interesting, insightful, victorious, friendly man who met the two on the Road to Emmaus and shared the Good News of fulfilled prophecy and resurrection power. The risen Lord and Christ!

The cult of Mariolatry has the potential to handicap the Good News. And the distraction continues. Pope Pius IX (1854) and the immaculate conception of Mary. Pope Pius XII (1950) and the assumption of Mary. And let us not forget the apparitions:

Walsingham , Norkolk 1061 to a wealthy widow.
Guadalupe, Mexico 1531 to a young man.
Paris, France 1830 to a nun.
Lourdes, France 1858 eighteen times to a woman.
Knock, Ireland 1879 to fifteen women.
Fatima, Portugal 1917 to three children.
Medjugorje, Bosnia 1981 (not yet recognized) to six children.

These events have been accompanied by numerous miraculous healings and words of prophecy. They are from another realm. The inference is that surely they must be from God and they must affirm the exalted position of Mary.



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