Of Birds, Fish and Flowers

Natalya is a hair stylist at First Choice Hair Cutters. She cut my hair this afternoon after I finished my Saturday shift at the grocery store. I really needed a trim. The little children at the store were starting to cry.

The woman was originally Ukrainian. Very personable. Very happy to engage in conversation. We spoke of how the afternoon had turned around nicely. Sunny. Moderate temperature. January almost gone.

Natalya mentioned that she had seen a group of geese. A "skein" I said. "Yeah, that's it. Does that mean that they are back from the south?"

"Oh, there are a bunch of lazy ones here in Waterloo who find enough scrub farm yield that they never have to leave." I told about other beautiful sightings soon to come with trumpeter swans and snow geese. I told about the aerodynamics in the flight pattern and the shifting role of V-leader. I told her that the geese mated for life. That got us talking about eagles.

Natalya then came to my left side with scissors hand perched on her hip and looked me square in the face: " There is so much out there. Colour. Variety. Beauty. That I ask myself, Who did all of this?"

"Do you mean God?"

"Well I don't mean evolution. Look at all those thousands of tropical fish in the Amazon, and all the beautiful flowers. Who did that? I am amazed. Some of my friends tell me to just get over it. But I think about it and I look up."

I thought it was high time that I told her about my friend Perry who has moved to Kentucky to work with Answers in Genesis, a museum, media distribution centre and conference headquarters for a growing body of understanding about Creation Science.

"Does this place have a website, sir? I would be fascinated." She went for a piece of paper and pen. I gave her the particulars (www.answersingenesis.org). I told her also of a DVD which Perry had sent me about the artistry and diversity of nature and about recurring patterns. For about 60% of the program there is no narrative, just a collage of beautiful moving images of animals, birds, fish, insects, flowers and extraordinary landforms backed by classical music.

Evolution. Schmevolution.

I also told Natalya about the parrot flower in the back jungles of South-east Asia. See a previous blog posting here about this exquisite phenomenon of God's handiwork (November 5, 2009).

See also our post of January 7, 2011 entitled "Creation Sings".

In summary it was an uplifting exchange in a barber shop with a new friend. Had I more time I probably would have launched into Psalm 104!


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