All Thy Diseases

(Again from Praise: Meditations in the 103rd Psalm by Mark Guy Pearse)

"And yet in sickness and in suffering this may be our song- He healeth all thy diseases.. If not now, yet some time, and that soon. Our Master hath an old doctor, very clever. A little rough at times, perhaps as skilful doctors are apt to be, and at first his patients are afraid of him, but only at first. It matters not to him what the ailing is, or how long standing. Nor is his remedy a long and costly process-one touch of his hand, and they whose sins are forgiven at once can sing of Him who healeth all their diseases. See the patients as they come to his house-the pale faces, the shrivelled forms, the withered limbs, the dull-eyed that stumble groping their way, the dull-eared that none can direct. So they troop to him. And lo! they step forth again made whole. Eyes that flash in their gladness, beholding the King in His beauty. Ears on which breaks the music of the Celestial City. Old saints who have forgotten their ailments, and who run up with joy the shining way to see and praise their Lord.

Who is this skilful doctor? His name is Death."

Note: Much is said by Pearse in this chapter about God's gracious purposes in allowing suffering for a time for the sufferer and for others in his sphere of connection and influence. A "consumer" church is after instant healing BY FAITH. A sovereign Lord may have other purposes...or the supernatural healing may come. It is all up to Him and "He is good all the time".

I must admit that I was taken aback when I first read this account by Pearse. I wanted to hear about solid covenant and speedy relief. Certainly the faith teachers had said as much. But experience and a closer consideration of God's purposes for the entire Church have moderated my view. The covenants are there to be remembered and pleaded. The timing and the choice are entirely up to God...and yes "He is good all the time:.


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