Landing a Punch on Cancer

A year ago (January 31, 2010) I wrote a post entitled "Large Requests of God". I had had a discussion with a customer at our grocery store about the situation faced by her son's girlfriend. A tumour in the brain disabling the young woman from her teaching career.

Right there in the aisle, I offered a prayer with her and a short note of encouragement on a piece of cardboard for her convalescing friend.

This Saturday the customer appeared again and caught my attention to tell me that the cancer was in some form of remission and the girl was persevering. The young woman had wanted to thank me for the brief prayer and note, and to acknowledge the comfort received by the fact that someone was out there praying.

I have never met the young teacher. I have a passion to wrestle with cancer and the paralyzing fear which it causes.(experiences with clients, my dad's Aunt Edith, my Dad, my one-time next-door neighbour, my factory work-mate Bob, a respected judge back in Chatham, my father-in-law...the list goes on). It is interesting to use the little search engine in this blog to examine the words "cancer, tumour" and to see the number of entries and different stories.

Admittedly I haven't prayed in a while for the young woman, but here was the customer again saying thank you, good news, don't stop. Tells me how little I realize about the power of prayer simply and earnestly offered by "whosoever" in the name of Jesus.

Get at it Doug!


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