By the Fingernails

At nightfall the man stumbles off the cliff side and manages to grab some tree roots on the way down. Holding on for dear life. Sound of booming surf behind and below. Looks like a helpless situation and a fatal fall. Suddenly he hears a voice say, "Let go of the roots and I will save you." He dismisses the message as a delusion and struggles to hold . But his hands and shoulders are hurting like hell. He finds himself speaking to the voice, "Prove that you are real and I will let go." The answer, "Nope that's not my way...first you must let go."

Similar exchange goes on for some time and finally the exhausted man releases his grip and falls back and down into the darkness. Five and a half feet onto a sandy beach!

Every believer has had this experience with the promises of God. But has found such promises to be true, and has gone on to discover an amazing cohesiveness and unity in the scriptures. (starting in a garden; ending in a garden; starting with a failure of one man; ending with a victory of one man; starting with a conflict between woman and serpent; ending with a victory of woman's seed over serpent; mercy extended in the midst of wrath; starting and ending with a blood covenant; man's relationship with God - an estrangement and then a reconciliation)

But God is more than the scriptures, more than promises proved true. They are simply a means to understanding, trust and fellowship with Him.


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