Touching Jesus

I have mentioned before how impressed I have been with the account of Jesus' tireless service to people in Luke chapters 7 and 8.

If only people could get near and touch the Master in His travels. The old Gospel chorus by John Stallings told the following:

A woman tried many physicians,
Yet grew worse, so to Jesus she came.
And when the crowd tried to restrain her,
She whispered these words through her pain.

Touching Jesus is all that really matters,
Then your life will never be the same.
There is only one way to touch Him,
Just believe when you call on His name.

We read about the woman with the issue of blood touching the hem of His garment. She was considered accursed. Untouchable. Barred from worship. Denied normal relations with her husband. Having spent all her substance on physicians.

Then there was the funeral procession in Nain with the unfortuate young man and the grieving widow mother. Jesus touched the funeral bier and the young man was restored to life.

Then there was the sinner woman who came to the pharisee's home to anoint Jesus' feet with ointmant and caresses of adoration. She got her reward of absolution.

Then there was the little twelve year old girl dying in the household of Jairus, but called back to life by the compassionate bedroom visit of the Master, as He took her by the hand.

But let me draw your attention to the incident at the beginning of chapter 7 concerning the Roman centurion with the critically ill servant. He stated that he was not worthy of personal attendance from Jesus. Simply state the word of healing as a person in authority and the servant would be healed. To the centurion it was as fundamental as words of command in the military. Speak it and it shall be done. Jesus marveled at such a grasp of faith.

Was this not a touching of Jesus? Was the Master not going to wean His disciples off His physical presence and into the arena of petition and prayer in faith? We can see in the appearances of Christ after resurrection a coming and going as if by magic. This was moving the eleven out of the realm of tactile connection and into the realm of victorious faith as His ambassadors and servants through the Spirit.

That too is our mandate.


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