A friend of my daughter made the first film in this series available to us.

There is clearly a New Age Spirituality behind it all. Viewers are told to develop the "Now", the potential in the mind of the noble human creature unfettered by either guilt from the past or fear for the present or future. This potential is exponentially increased as like-minded citizens come together in agreement for the improvement of society and the environment. Remember the Coca Cola commercial? "We are the world. We are the children..."

The producers liken the message to the visions of a John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. or John Lennon..."Imagine."

Religion simply handicaps people from thinking, and plunges them into a panic response to condemning priest-craft. Sin is everywhere. Repentance is crucial and ongoing. Man must scramble for a scapegoat. The plan of redemption is denied. The deity of Jesus is denied. The similarity of super mothers and sons is explored from other cults, and the Gospel is reduced to yet another series of "campfire tales" distorted through time in the telling.

Conspiracy theories are explored for the larger part of the film: the 911 Twin Towers, and even more puzzling Building Number 7; the manipulation by public officials to cause the American public to be incensed enough to enter into both World Wars, the Korean, the Vietnamese, the Iraq conflict and now the endless War Against Terrorism. Wars are good for business, on the production side and on the finance side. Governments print more money and issue more debt to the money elite. The Federal Reserve is shown to have a stranglehold over Capitol Hill and the debt just keeps mushrooming.

The average member of the public feels powerless in the whirl of geo-politic and high finance. He is a resource to be exploited by the media message. Consumer. Labourer. Voter. Borrower. He puts in his full shift; tends to his family and looks for relaxation and release. Consequently he has become "connected" to as many electronic toys as possible - TV, internet, texting, escapist games, cell phones with thousands of apps. And all of these carry a dumbed-down and relatively trivial message. Heroes, role models, orators of substance and philosopher-poets have been replaced by the entertainment icons with their "fifteen minutes of fame apiece".

In all of this, people stop thinking, planning, voicing their protest, voicing their hope, collaborating. They are pitiful pawns. They cannot look any longer to the pillars of the past- Church, political leadership, the press, the wealthy, the educated.

There must be a new populist spirit of a New Age, squeezing out of the "Now" every bit of opportunity and fruitfulness. No longer paralyzed by the past or by the future. Coming together to actualize the best of mankind's potential.

Or so the producers of this film would have us believe.

But then, John the Beloved says in one of his letters "the whole world lieth in wickedness"...

(Definition - Zeitgeist: spirit of the time)


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