Altogether Lovely

I found it interesting that after posting the article about Crissy Moran's new beginning I read today's entry in the devotional In Green Pastures by J.R. Miller. The brief message was as follows:

The Beauty of Religion

While Christian life is firm and unflinching in its integrity and uprightness, it is yet beautiful in its amiability and gentleness. The immutable principles of uprightness, like mountain crags, are wreathed over with the tender vines and covered with the sweet flowers of grace and charity. True religion is never meant to dry up the life and make it cold, hard, and dead. It is meant to bring out ever-new beauties, to clothe the soul in garments of loveliness. It insists on the development of every power of body, mind, and soul to the farthest possibility. It presents the strongest motives. It points to the finest examples. Its ideal includes not only “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just,” but also “whatsoever things are lovely.”


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