Because You're Here, Cal

Years ago Cal Bombay viewed the bombing devastation of southern Sudan with a civic leader named Manasseh. He was close to the situation of the horrendous civil war between north and south and had played a significant role in raising funds to free Christians who had been enslaved. (I remember hearing appeals on the television broadcast of 100 Huntley Street that freedom could be purchased for 75 dollars Canadian per individual. At that time I thought, Wow, a life negotiated at that price!)

But here on this landscape of churned earth Bombay could only present to his friend one question:

"What does it mean to you, Manasseh, when you read in the scriptures that my God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus?"

Without hesitation the man replied, "It means , my friend, here and now, that God will do as He says and provide... because you're here."

In the intervening years that conversation has proved both a stimulus and haunting challenge to Bombay, who has had vivid exposure to the blights of poverty, violence and hunger in Sudan and Ethiopia. At one point it seemed to him that God was saying, 'I want you to acquire farmland and to turn this potentially fertile ground around...50 farms of 2000 acres each'. The land has been acquired, and the challenge now is crop input and irrigation. Smaller farmers are also being helped in large numbers toward self-sufficiency

I can remember enjoying Cal's devotional-teaching input on the Toronto Huntley Street broadcast. He often hearkened back to his time on the farm in his faith illustrations. I always valued his teaching, sincerity and humour.

Now it appears that he has left broadcasting and conventional evangelism to become a farmer in earnest, and on a large scale. He sees in this compassionate outreach a demonstration of a hands-on Christ who is drawing and strengthening people.

All of this was made clear to me this evening on an excellent episode of "The Christian Link" radio program (on the local Faith FM channel 94.3) coordinated by Marc and Elizabeth Leacock and "Lianne".

Anyone requiring more information on this excellent outreach may examine


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