Crissy is Clean

A weekly entertainment magazine (In Touch) got me looking into the following article. The title of the release was "From Porn to Reborn" and it featured Crissy Moran, 35 year-old former porn star, telling of an encounter with Christ and a total change in life's direction.

The decision was made in 2007. A Jacksonville newspaper article tells of the earlier journey into darkness:

"It began in a hotel room in Jacksonville. The pretty girl took off her clothes in front of a stranger for the first time and posed for the camera.

It was the fall of 1999 and Moran was desperately searching for something. A string of bad break-ups left the 23-year-old office clerk depressed. She'd worked at The Jacksonville Landing's Hooters for a while but found it degrading, after being chastised for not jumping rope or throwing Frisbees to entice customers.

"I was probably the only one there who wore glasses," she said.

She jumped to a string of jobs at a local retail store, the county clerk of courts then the Supervisor of Elections office. Curious about modeling, she posted bikini snapshots of herself on the Internet.

"People started e-mailing me. It was immediate," she said. "I was enjoying the flattery of being considered for a job."

Though she'd hoped legitimate modeling agents would call, the hotel room shoot instead launched her into the pornography industry. She quit her job and modeled full time. She took jobs in Miami and Los Angeles for Playboy and Hustler. Her bread and butter, though, was online..."

In the article which I read today Crissy spoke of the support, prayers and encouragement received from another woman who ditched the porn industry for Christ. See the site

Crissy's own testimony in that web site contained some very ominous words:

"I put pictures on dating sites because it was hard to meet men since I didn’t have a community of friends. I became reckless with my life. Men were offering to fly me to different states to meet them. In pursuit of love, I allowed myself to be used for sex. During this time I put myself in many dangerous situations, and I won’t lie; there was a part of me that wanted to end up dead. There was also a part of me that thought, maybe someone would actually love me enough to rescue me."

Could the woman's present experience be a real encounter with grace, a real discovery that God the Father is crazy about her and has ordained new paths for a new person? He knows the potential. He knows the honest beauty within. He is not an exploiter or slave-master. He is not keeping score. His Son has simply said, "Follow me", and apparently Crissy has given faith an earnest response.

It is not so easy however to exit from contracts and web-sites which survive her departure. I pray that the woman will continue to receive from above and from the Church the assurance that frees from condemnation. That she will recognize it. That she will feed on the promises of the Book, and see them as the paramount truth. That she will realize that the Song of Solomon speaks about her.

There are many other frightened and confused young women out there who need to hear of Crissy's story. For them the lure of beauty, fame, love, money and attention has also led to dark places and sordid, meaningless liaisons. They need to assess for themselves the sincerity of Crissy's confession and the authenticity of her new-found joy.

Thank you for making all of this public, Crissy, and congratulations. You have found the pearl of great price (Matthew 13). You have the assurance that no man will wrest you from the Father's hand.

Note in summer 2017: Perhaps this post has received more visits than any other on the 8 blogs that I have managed! Why is that? Who is visiting? Porn fans? Friends of the happy young woman? Other men and women seeking to escape the sex trades and their deadening impact? Oh well the story brings hope and perhaps surprise...Doug


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