Feeding One's Ears

"Dad, are you going away some place in a sportscar?"

"Why do you ask that, Mike?"

"Well Mom said that you were leaving us on a Fast for today and Saturday."

It was hard for Keith to suppress the roar at the kitchen table. This five year-old could be such a hoot!

"No Son a fast is something you do with God, not something that takes you on a trip.

"So what are you gonna do?"

"Well I am going to my Church study. Closing the door. Sitting down in the big chair in the corner. Opening my Bible. Telling God how much I love Him. And listening. No food. No messages. No visitors. Probably little done at home either."

"Why would you do that? You like Mom's cooking, don't you?"

"Of course, but this time it is important that I feed my ears. Not my stomach. My hobbies. My reading. My television. My jogging. My sermon preparation. My friends' invitations. Even my time with you guys and Mom. I am telling God that in the midst of something important I only want to deal with him, and hear what He wants me to do, and when."

"Well what's so important?"

"This is a very special time at the Church. Jesus wants people to get closer to Him, love Him more deeply and help others more frequently. They don't need to hear from me what I think; rather what God thinks.

You probably don't remember, but when you were very young and disturbed about something, you liked to crawl up into my lap on the rocking chair and nestle close to my chest, staying still and hearing my heartbeat. Ka-thump, ka-thump. That's what I'm going to do for two days, just like a kid...with God."

"So you're going to feed your ears...still sounds to me like you're going to travel to some place different on a Fast."

"OK Son, you win."


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