I Have Told You That I Am

I am repeating here a former post in a series which I studied of excerpts from the Gospels which were all seven words in length. Seven. The perfect number.

My recent review of Mark has reminded me of the shortness of those three and one half years of ministry; of the racing momentum toward the Cross. At one point Jesus acknowledged that His time had not yet come - the time for self offering.

But at this season we think of that time. Let there be no misunderstanding. Jesus presented Himself to be arrested. No whipped puppy here, as Hollywood has sometimes intimated.

So here's the post:

I HAVE TOLD YOU THAT I AM – Jesus through prayer has been strengthened for the self-offering. Judas has arrived with troops and torches. Jesus has just acknowledged in prayer that He has kept safely all followers that the Father had given Him. But here is the greatest threat yet; that there will be confusion, arrest and prosecution of the disciples as well. He asks of the guard “whom seek ye” and they reply, “Jesus of Nazareth”. The answer “I am” flashes forth with all the divinity within Him and the troops fall to the ground on their backsides. Jesus boldly waits for their recovery. No doubt that this is an intentional self-offering of Majesty. He is in charge of His own arrest!

(See also the earlier post A Watch of Turtledoves, May 20, 2009)


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