Keep on Rowin'

Thursday morning 9:15. Keith in sweats. Jogging the neighbourhood. Seemingly a new lightness in his step. Down to the Church office in a lather. Samantha would be there already. Book entry day. Check up on correspondence. Messages. Written submissions from the night before. Home to change. Scheduled afternoon visitations,

"Mornin' boss."

"Good morning, Keith. Here's the paperwork. Phone message also from Todd Bushnell."

Todd, hmmmm. That was interesting. Big church across town. Same graduating year. Hadn't spoken in about six weeks. Dial him up. Personal cell phone this time. Three rings.

"Todd, it's Keith. Got your message. What's up?"

"Beef, how are ya? (nickname from college; two men sculling team; long story). Keith, I have heard from one of your people, who shall remain nameless, that you are turning things upside down over there...Now hold on; don't get upset; I am more curious than anything. Talk to me."

Keith spent the next ten minutes bringing his old friend up to date. The burden. The sermon. The challenge. The end of spoon -feeding. The universal priesthood of believers. Testimonies from the floor. An open Bible and friends around many a coffee table. Hours extended for open prayer sanctuary and intercession. Many more congregational speakers from the pulpit. The parishioners coming out of the bushes with support. The prayers of old George. There were many indicators that God was moving behind all of this.

"Beef, I may have been made party to some complaints, but I am with you on this. Discipleship has become so watered down. The community remains largely untouched. Sure, I have some of the big numbers now. Studied some of those denominational church growth packages. Put in a few bells and whistles. But I tell you, I am tired and I am not seeing the kind of zeal and honesty that Calvary deserves. I see activity, lots of program and seeming happiness, but little reverence, expectation or compassion. When particularly drained, I have had talks with Suzie about giving it up for something else.

But you friend, have picked me up and washed my feet. Washed my feet. Keep me informed, will ya? We'll be praying. I'll phone later for some Saturday morning together. We need that. Keep on rowin'."


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