Phil Driscoll

There has been a rush of creativity these past few days. I believe that God is speaking to some of the faithful about re-direction and revival. Our little story about Keith's ultimatum is a case in point.

For some reason I am reminded of Gospel musician Phil Driscoll. Coming out of the secular world of entertainment with a voice almost blown out, he resolved to sanctify his voice and horn to the greatest Glory. Something extraordinarily beautiful was made out of this hoarse songster.

I remember one album with the song "I love my Captain...and the creaking of the rigging in the wind. Think I'm gonna sail away with Him."

I looked at Wikipedia and noted that in the intervening years (2006) Phil was convicted in a scheme of tax fraud and mixture of ministry and personal funds. Should I drop him like a hot rock? Should I conclude that he never had the anointing? Jesus wouldn't.

Hear now another signal song:


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