Relevant, Refreshing and Holy

Godlessness, recoiling,
Strikes again the blow.
Jesus’ name is slandered.
Lord, that they might know.

(He is all the glory.
He is all the praise.
He is all the answer,
For these restless days.)

Fear of God is lacking.
Love of Christ is rare.
Churches hide their candle.
Do they really care?

“Men are all-sufficient;”
So the journals sing.
(Why need we a “saviour”?
Strange, out-dated thing.)

Still the candle flickers,
Touching one by one,
Hearts that seek for better,
Hearts that hear the Son.

Stop the superficial!
Stop the sad parade!
There is not a blessing,
But that God has made!

He will soon take action,
Laying bare men’s games.
Burning through the districts
With revival’s flames!

Then Christ gets the glory.
Then the ransomed sing.
Then awakened folk see
God in everything.

Lord, please send revival!
Send once more the rain!
Holy, happy wonders
In our midst again.


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