She Always Knew

Acts 16: 9,10 records the Macedonian Call of Paul the Apostle. In a night vision he saw a Greek man calling, "Come over into Macedonia and help us." This launched the spread of the Gospel into Europe.

Charles Cowman had a similar supernatural call into Japan. With his wife Lettie he would initiate the Oriental Missionary Society. This group of dedicated witnesses would accomplish a door-to-door visitation of every household in Japan, EVERY ONE! Friendly discussion and tract distribution were the focus of this effort.

In one incident reported by a worker there had been an encounter with a middle-aged home-maker. She had received a brief account of the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. She was told that He was freely available to carry her burdens and to usher her, one day, into heaven.

Without any hesitation she reached forward and took the tract, saying, "I always knew there had to be a God like that." And that is the case with many. They are meek. They are approachable. Their lives have not been easy. Other more aggressive ones have always caught the brass ring. They are ready to hear that the true God relates to their struggles; offers strength and guidance freely; offers release from guilt and confusion; one day will right all wrongs and avenge and elevate the meek.

I am reminded of a key verse from Psalm 37. It does not read, perhaps, as one might expect:
11. But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Peace? Many today in the western church have been instructed to fill in the blank with prosperity, comfort, influence or recognition. But primarily ours is a Gospel of peace, overcoming peace.

I look today at Japan and the ongoing devastation of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear peril. I see crowds of people in tears with no ready solutions, but conducting themselves lawfully, quietly and in order. Theirs is a situation which must not be forgotten at the next thunder-clap of notable news in the headlines. They must have tangible support in cash, food, medicine and equipment. They must also be visited again with the message of the Christ of Charles and Lettie Cowman.


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