She Went In a Commoner...

That's the comment that stands out from the Royal Wedding of William and Kate this morning.

Yeah, I confess, I got up early to view it on the "telly". The parks, Buckingham, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Parliament, The Abbey. Been there. Done that. Loved it immensely. Still do.

They say that probably one-third of the world's population will see the event. Media extravaganza. When the service began, and with the first hymn, "Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah", the attendees did not appear "into" the singing. Song sheets in hand, but eyes roaming the faces, the dresses, the fancy hats, the tuxes and elaborate abbey adornment. Disappointing to me. The words of that hymn say so much about what that couple will need. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

But the core of the wedding service was recited with clarity. Marriage. Its solemnity, exclusivity, longevity, constancy, intimacy, procreativity and joy. In keeping with the Judeo-Christian imagery of Adam and Eve; God and Israel; Isaac and Rebecca; Ruth and Boaz; Solomon and the Shulamite; God and Zion; Christ and His Church; heaven and earth in the New Jerusalem.

When the couple got to the part about "for richer for poorer" I gave a wry smile. Poorer? This family? But then my wife reminded me that even Prince Philip had gone through a knothole of difficulty. Imagine the Greek Royal family escaping revolt onto a British warship of rescue, the infant Philip stuck in a wooden drawer. One never knows the turn of events. Also, life offers many different sorts of poverty.

Much happiness, young couple. Thankful hearts, and a life-giving look at the Saviour for each of you and yours.


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