The Sign Read...

I drove by this little unassuming building. Nothing really suggested that it was a church, but it had an orderly, colourful spring garden in the front, a rude cross in the middle of it and a sign over the door which read as follows:

Assembly of the Banquet Guests, Holding Nothing in Their Hands, and Desperate for the Generous Host To Arrive That They Might Kiss His Pierced Feet, and Feast and Act Upon His Every Word

Sounds like a good place. No presumptuous labels such as Glory, Victorious, World-Wide, Full Gospel, Shekinah or Soaring. Perhaps too they have caught the message that the Host has sent out the invitation to both good and bad (Matthew 22:8-10). They need only come, give thanks and hear. He will accomplish the rest. And He does.

Interestingly enough, the sign had thirty-three words. Significant number.


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