Thanks Again, Ron

The Resurrection by Ron DiCianni is a mural standing 12 foot high by 40 foot long. It was commissioned for the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas.

Ron's art often depicts today's people needing supernatural help. How wonderful to sense Jesus in the room, Jesus at the sick bed, Jesus in the moment of contrition, Jesus ever coming to us as it was promised.

Some of Ron's images will stay with me forever. Faithful old Simeon holding the Christ infant aloft and weeping with joy. The prophet Isaiah with a sort of aura around his head containing the words spoken of Messiah -wonderful counselor, Prince of peace, everlasting Father, the mighty God. The woman caught in adultery looking to Jesus for reprieve. The parents praying bed-side over their child. The preacher giving his message, surrounded by a cloud of Bible witnesses. The distraught young man being held up from behind by Jesus, and holding limply in his one hand the hammer used for the spikes at the Crucifixion.


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