Two Builders

(With thanks for the images to Max Lucado, And the Angels Were Silent)

The first is a financial planner . All his career he has been helping himself and his acquaintances to amass wealth and security. Each downturn has been matched with a re-direct to a vehicle promising upturn. A never ending study and fretting in certificates, funds, securities, futures and currencies. Always one more move or twist in world market conditions. The man has had to be vigilant, constantly. He tells himself he has been building good packages which will never come to an end...But they do, and the mans finds himself alone, penniless and standing before some sort of admissions procedure: "What think ye of Christ? How have you measured Him?"

Another scenario. A little boy at the seashore with his Dad. He loves these sorts of holidays. Dad will have his book. He will have the sand, his imagination and the surf. All afternoon the child packs and grooves his creation. Turrets. Brickwork. Motes and bridge. But then a slight modification, partial knockdown and rework.

All the while the boy delights at the sound of gulls above and surf behind, the line of water drawing ever closer to his creation. He knows what is coming. He is not anxious. Intermittently Dad offers encouragement or suggestions. Eventually the tide overwhelms his little city, and it is gone.

The child takes a look at the levelled surface. Smiles. Turns to his father who is now standing. Puts his hand in Dad's and goes Home.

Note: I had a distant cousin, Paul. He was a professional sand castle creator. He traveled the globe, virtually, building and putting on display in public places the most intricate creations. But he too always had to move on.


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