Where Is He Now?

(Taken from a sermon of Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Dundee, 1836. I just opened the book at random a few minutes ago to this page.)

He is set down at the right hand of the majesty on high. He is upon the throne with God in His glorified body, and his throne is forever. A sceptre is put into His hand-a sceptre of righteousness, and the oil of gladness is poured over Him. All power is given to Him in heaven and on earth.

Oh, brethren, could you and I pass this day through these heavens, and see what is now going on in the sanctuary above,-could you see what the child of God now sees who died last night,-could you see the Lamb with the scars of His five deep wounds in the very midst of the throne, surrounded by all the redeemed, every one having harps and golden vials full of odours,-could you see the many angels round about the throne, whose number is ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands, all singing, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain,"-and were one of these angels to tell you, "This is He that undertook the cause of lost sinners; He undertook to bear their curse and to do their obedience; He undertook to be the Second Adam,-the man in their stead; and lo! there He is upon the throne of heaven;-consider Him,-look long and earnestly upon His wounds-upon His glory,-and tell me, do you think it would be safe to trust Him? Do you think His sufferings and obedience will have been enough!" Yes, yes, every soul exclaims, Lord, it is enough! Lord, stay thy hand! Show me no more, for I can bear no more. Oh, rather let me ever stand and gaze upon the almighty, all-worthy, all-divine Saviour, till my soul drink in complete assurance that His work undertaken for sinners is a finished work! Yes, though the sins of all the world were on my one wicked head, still I could not doubt that His work is complete, and that I am quite safe when I believe in Him.


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