Who's On Deck?

I am thankful for a significant upswing in the numbers of people visiting this blog each day. I have tried to discipline myself throughout to the fact that numbers are not the issue. It is as if I am earnestly sharing discoveries on the seashore with some hungry individual. I am reminded of the stories of the meek messenger getting what appeared to be only meagre results, but somewhere in the audience there was a Gospel dynamo in the making who would touch the hearts and destinies of many. Faithfully absorbing the power and the balance of the Good News.

And was it not that way with Jesus? Did He not have His most vital exchanges with individuals? Nicodemus. The Samaritan woman at the well. The palsied man at the pool. The rich young ruler. The man born blind. Peter at the shoreline breakfast.

And there is something else to be said. Every time I examine another facet of this wonderful diamond called Grace, I receive a new flash of light and encouragement. The giver is again giving of his need.

Thank you, one and all, for dropping by...Doug


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