Working Meeting

Wednesday. Mid-week evening service. The damp weather hadn't helped but there was a presentable gathering. Several new faces. Keith had seated himself in one of the mid pews and was chatting with those nearby. The tone was casual.

Right on time Keith went half-way down the centre aisle and opened his Bible. He read from John 13. The gathering in the Upper Room. The meal. The sudden rising of Jesus and disrobing. The basin of water. The washing of friends' feet. The hesitation of Peter. The Lord's rebuke, and his question, "Know ye what I have done to you?" Finally the admonition in verse 17, "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them."

Then he stopped and prayed simply, "Lord take us now where you want us to go." A pause of fifteen seconds. "Friends would you simply get up and accompany us to the All-Purpose Room downstairs."

A surprised comment or two and the shuffle of numerous feet out the rear doors.

Beth and Bruce and Karen and two other couples were already downstairs in the side kitchen. The pizzas were hot. The responding laughter was enthusiastic. Beth spoke next, "Every working meeting goes better with pizza. Seat yourselves as you wish in groups of six or so."

As the people chatted for the next fifteen minutes, pencils and paper were distributed. Finally Keith piped up although he did not leave his chair. "OK, we have heard the Lord's challenge. The pizza is gone. The paper is in your hands. How are we going to start "foot washing" around here? What to resolve? What to record? What to change in our gatherings? In comments or ministry from the floor? In visitation and outreach? Most of you heard what I said on Sunday. Tell me what sounds good...bad...workable.

Let's take the next half hour in our table groups and get into this, and then report. I will take away and consider all of the notes submitted. I do not intend to be hurt by any of this, only guided. Now I want to get to work with my own table."

"Oh, and by the way, next Wednesday we will have here in this room real basins of water and towels. The servant is not above his Lord."

The process had Mid-week.

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