The Crumbling Clan

I can tell you how He helped me.
I can tell you what He said.
I consider each day gifted.
I have lost my greatest dread.

I embrace a broader family.
I have dropped my trust in self.
I am focused on the treasure,
Which transcends all earthly wealth.

I would love to take you with me
On this Christ-embracing trek;
But I know just how the Spirit
First must leave your plans a wreck.

And the brokenness He looks for
Seems a weakling's lot to you.
And that list of natural talents,
He will, every one, subdue.

It must rate a poor investment
While the game is still at hand,
And the friends still pull the levers,
And your house seems sure to stand.

But if Love once grabs the heart strings
And reveals the Cross in power,
You may join the clan whose crumbling
Has become their finest hour.

Are you sure that it won't happen?
That this Gospel is a lie?
Comes to mind another breaking,
But the rebel, then, was I.


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