How is it that my random thoughts get to California, Greece, Egypt, India, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Iowa and next door in a single day? Blogging has become a delightful creative outlet for a sixty-year old man with a not-so-extraordinary story to tell.

The ClustrMap utility allows me to recognize what messages are of interest to what areas, and the new daily locator makes it even more exciting (the yellow dots).

Providence brings the articles to web searchers of varying needs. I think of dandelion seeds carried on fluffy white wings as the wind directs. I think also of the parable of the sower in Luke 8 and the receptivity of varying soils (productive with the seed; or hardened by the crass traffic of the world; or flighty and insincere; or yielding to need, greed or pride)

Apparently our little seeds of reflection have found some good soil in altogether different cultures. This is a delight. I remind the readers that the thoughts have been "found" similarly by me over the years...things read, thoughtful conversations with others of faith, moments of illumination in prayer or on a country walk, lines of poetry just dropped into my consciousness. When it comes to principles of faith please take the time "to check me out against the scriptures".

In this society of bump and grind I find that I have constantly to re-assess my grasp of goodness and God against changing conditions. Our "living Word" bears new life in new circumstances. It is not static. (See the earlier post "This Word Lives" of May 25, 2009) I do find however that there is an ever-relevant core of truth and hope in "the faith once delivered to the saints". I dare not meddle with that. (See also our earlier post "Our Yardstick" of May 28, 2010) God's love letter to the human heart remains as current as this morning's sunrise.

Be blessed, friends,


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