Deadly Graffiti

Paid a visit to a nearby coffee shop early this morning. This is a place with a real sense of neighbourhood. Many regular customers, and many of them elderly. Much courteous talk, happy greetings, newspapers shared, doors held open. People being decent and civil.

In the men's washroom however, I was disturbed to see new black magic marker disfigurement on doors and walls. Some youth gang insignia and an inverted cross with numbers 6...6...6 at the head and hands positions. Isn't that sweet? Somebody wanting to identify with the worst of evil as they sully the place.

Should we be saying once again, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Increasingly this is a time when good is called bad, and bad good. Music is filled with thoughts of hate and violence. Reality shows laud profane, fiery temper in the kitchen; and manipulation and mendacity on survivor island; and bare-fisted mauling and murder in the ultimate fighter's ring. The message going around is that in being open to such our youth are being strong and realistic and "nobody's fool". Sad.

Now back to the graffiti. Just as three ones represent the ultimate in God's goodness and unity, so the three sixes represent the worst that crops up in selfish man (the sixth day's creation). I am not going to spiritualize away the very real concept of a coming time upon the earth ruled by the enemies of faith, and one Anti-Christ in particular. At that time the mark (666) and the allegiance, the program and the wicked service will be the only alternative to martyrdom. All becomes grasping and fearful and suspicious. (See our previous post "Man of Sin" of January 16, 2010) Not a joke in the least...

Smarten up kids! Draw something beautiful. Write something edifying. Get out of the dark corner.


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