Jesus' Old Testament

I have an old dog-eared large print New Testament which has gone the miles with me. Portable. Companionable. Marked up with discoveries and reminders. On one page near the back I noted the instances in the Gospels where Jesus affirmed the truth of Old Testament accounts and personalities. There was no attempt in his theology to make parables or allegories out of Old Testament history.

Consider the following:

1. Noah and the Flood.
2. Murder of righteous Abel.
3. Lot and the destruction of Sodom.
4. The sad legacy of Lot's wife.
5. Abraham the patriarch.
6. Jacob's well.
7. Moses and the burning bush; and the daily mannah; and the brazen serpent; and the ten commandments; and the law of divorce; and the cure for leprosy; and the yearly Passover.
8. Jonah and the whale; and the preaching of repentance to Ninevah.
9. Adam and Eve and marriage in the beginning.
10. Elijah and the widow in the drought; and the raising of the dead child.
11. Elisha and the curing of the leprous Naaman; and the multiplication of bread.
12. The Queen of Sheba attesting to Solomon's glory.
13. Malachi's prophecy of one coming in the spirit of Elijah - John the Baptist.
14. Daniel's prophecy of the Abomination of Desolation; and of One coming in the clouds with the angels.
15. Joel's prophecy of the heavens shaken by judgment.
16. Zechariah's prophecy of the entrance of Messiah into the Holy City - Palm Sunday (9).
17. All of the messsianic scriptures reviewed by Jesus with the two on the Emmaus Road.
18. Isaiah's prophecy and the Vineyard (5); and the suffering, silent lamb (53); and the speaking in parables (6); and the merciful miracles of Messiah (35); and the Spirit of the Lord upon His Anointed (61).
19. Ezekiel's prophecy of the Good Shepherd (34).
20. David's Psalms of the Good Shepherd (23); of the Christ seated at the Lord's right hand (110); of the Grand Hallel in preparation of Passover (118); of truth coming out of the mouths of babes (8); of Golgotha's Passion, My God, My God...(22); of final committal into the Lord's hands (31); of the traitor in the midst (41); of the prospect of rising from the dead (16).
21. The prophecies of the Time of the Gentiles and its end as spoken by Isaiah (63) and Daniel (8) and Jeremiah (30).


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