commotion - noun
1. violent or tumultuous motion; agitation; noisy disturbance: What's all the commotion in the hallway?
2. political or social disturbance or upheaval; sedition; insurrection.

In Luke chapter 21 Jesus warned that among other things there would be wars and commotions troubling the people before His second coming. Matthew chapter 24 is another listing of conditions before the end of the age. To many the description does not elicit a sense of urgency because these conditions of violence, fear and natural disaster seem to have been with mankind forever.

But there does appear to be an alarming shift these days in frequency, intensity and horror.

The recent news of an atrocious car bombing and of sniping at young people in and around Oslo, Norway is a good case in point. Motives remain unclear for the sudden explosion of a public building and the arrival of a gunman dressed as a police officer at an island summer camp (for youth aligned with the political party holding office). Seventy-six deaths in a stalking hunt over 45 minutes before the special tactics team arrived to apprehend the killer.

The world is shaken by the senselessness, the unlikely location of Norway and the images of downtown rubble and of happy young people on a holiday hiding in terror from the madman with the rifle. Definitely a domestic "commotion".


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