Deep Quiet Rest


I wish thee now, ‘midst all the world’s dark sorrow,
The quiet sense of being truly blest;
We cannot tell what waits us on the morrow,
But we can have in Him deep quiet rest.
His hand, unseen, still ruleth o’er the nations;
His will is sovereign, even as His power;
Today, o’er earth, deep groans and lamentations,
But He is ruling, e’en in this dark hour.
Not sin, nor wrong, nor base unholy passion
Shall win the day, since He is on the throne;
Not so shall He His holy purpose fashion,
Though oft it seem that evil reigns alone.
In Him we rest; our fortress, strong, abiding;
In Him is peace, and freedom from alarm;
And quiet strength, and inward deep confiding.
For He can keep from every kind of harm.

~ By J. Danson Smith ~


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