God Ever Cares

God ever cares! Not only in life's summer
When skies are bright and days are long and glad;
He cares as much when life is draped in winter,
And heart feels so bereft, and lone, and sad.

God ever cares! His heart is ever tender,
His love will never fail nor show decay;
The love of earth, though strong and deep, may perish,
But His shall never, never pass away.

God ever cares! And thus when life is lonely,
When blessings one time prized are growing dim,
The heart may find a sweet and sunny shelter--
A refuge and a resting place in Him.

God ever cares! And time can never change Him.
His nature is to care, and love, and bless;
And drearest, darkest, emptiest days afford Him
The means to make more sweet His own caress.

(J. Danson Smith)


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