Had Meals With You

Further to the last post, I was reading the 13th chapter of Luke this morning and noticed something interesting. Jesus is describing the "straight" way of admission to the Kingdom of God and suggesting that many religious practitioners will be surprised at Judgment.

They say, 'Did we not eat with you and did you not teach in our streets?' The Master sadly responds, 'Go away, I never knew you.' Where have we seen this? An over-abundance of eating, fellowship and teaching, but no development of an intimacy with Jesus. No hearing of His heart and burdens. Nothing else will suffice.

An earnest and loving approach to prayer, praise, meditation and Gospel study which is "Jesus focused" rather than "God or Victorious Church focused" will point the inquirer and the hungry heart in the right direction. He is our Door of access, our Forerunner and truest Friend and Hope. The one who seeks, asks and knocks through Him will be more than satisfied, and bold to represent the Good News.

Churches, this is the detonator.


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