Now Just Settle Down!

I listen to you as you engage with friends and family. All the things you would like to see my Church doing. All the error you have identified. All the side eddies of teaching topics which miss the major thrust of my Good News.

You say that you are weary of dishonest "positive confession", of spiritual pride, of a competitive spirit in the flock, of the lust for "new revelation".

You observe "worship sessions" which are ruled by the clock or by an order of service which is man-contrived, and not looking in the least for the Spirit's leading. You chafe at Christ-less sermons.

There is much talk of service but the unchurched, needy or broken do not become the focus of your little church family...ever.

Do you think that I will use you in this "tizzy" of criticism and restlessness? Where is my peace and unconditional love? Remember my prayer outside the Upper Room for the disciples? How I recognized the victory that would be their's, with the Father's help, even when they had yet to turn from me and run and fail miserably.

I am telling you that I wait for the longsuffering to show forth. Abide in me. Meditate on my earth walk. Stop your speaking out against shallowness or controversy. Be eloquent in intercession. That is purposeful.

Gain my stride. Watch for surprising opportunities for ministry which I will release. Not one of them will be small in my estimation. Do not go forward in the flesh.

I love you too and will see you bear fruit. Be available but do not be in a lather.


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