Report In

(Today's entry in Come Ye Apart by J. R. Miller)

Tell Jesus

“The apostles gathered themselves together unto Jesus, and told him all things,”

Mark 6:30

That is just what we should always do when we have been trying to do any service for our Lord. We should do it as well as we can, and then go and tell Him what we have done. At the close of each day we should go to Him and tell Him of all that we have done or tried to do during the day. We should tell Him how we have lived, how we have done our work, how we have endured temptations, how we have treated our friends and those with whom we have been associated, how we have performed our mission as His servants, what words we have spoken for Him, what efforts we have made to do good or to give comfort or help, and how we have met the calls upon us for sympathy and aid.

We must not forget to tell Him about the day’s failures. Did we lose our patience? Did we yield to temptation? Did we neglect to speak the word for the Master that we ought to have spoken? Were we unkind to any one? We must tell Him of the efforts to do good which seemed to come to naught. Ofttimes we are like the disciples who had toiled all the night and caught nothing. At many a setting sun we come, weary and sad, with empty hands. Then sometimes we are tempted to stay away from the Master and make no report: what have we to report? Nothing but a fruitless day. But we should not, therefore, keep away from Him who sent us forth. Jesus had days in His own life that seemed fruitless, and He can understand our sadness when we come with no sheaves.

So let us tell Him all. That is the kind of evening secret prayer that will bless us. It will make us very watchful all day if we remember that we must report to Jesus all we say, or do, or fail to do; it will keep us in more intimate relations with Him. Then His sympathy will strengthen us for better service each day.


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