Shouldering the Heat

Yesterday, as forecasted. the temperature got well into the 40's. It has been a record breaking July and the lawns are starting to burn.

In traffic and on the streets one could see the community slowing down, looking for strategies for shade and a cooler breath of air. The elderly kept inside.

At the factory where I work, station fans were all in use. Out in the storage and shipping yard the temperature was like a wall of challenge. Fellow workers presented that unspoken expression of resolve to get through it. A little more patience, a little more understanding had become evident. Conversation was absent, but one noticed an unusual sense of unity and community in the "bearing under". And this at a time when our work hours have been reduced because of a lag in production orders. We are told that "they are on the way and being approved".

It is a strange summer and a strange economy.

I have often prayed for my workplace, for a greater sense of partnership, mutual respect, safety, new product ideas and customers.

God is answering.


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