All Things Work Together...

Todd Bushnell got up from the table to give Keith a big hug. Through their secretaries they had arranged lunch at Ennios, their favourite pasta place. Todd had only heard vaguely about the accident.

"Beef, good to seeya. Grab a chair and tell me what's going on with Beth?"

Before they could get started a waitress appeared and they put in their orders for Caesar salad and the house favourite spagghetini with meat sauce.

"Beth was driving to Guelph with two other women day before yesterday for a Women's Aglow luncheon at one of the hotels. It had been drizzling all morning and the road was really slick. Suddenly an oncoming motorcycle lost its hold and skidded on its side right toward Beth. In her efffort to avoid collision she put the car down into a steep ditch. Almost flipped it over. Everybody was thrown about inside the vehicle. Her two friends managed to get up and out. Only cuts and bruises. Beth was in too much pain to be moved. They phoned for police and checked over the cyclist. Apparently he broke his one leg pinned under the bike in the slide. Another motorist, a carpenter in a pick-up, stopped to help."

"And what's the story with your wife now? Where is she?"

"Paramedics ascertained that she had broken her collar bone and upper left arm. Also shoulder complications. Took her to Grand River Hospital where things were set, only to discover that there was some unusual nerve damage. Decision was made to ship her to Hamilton hospital for some specialist's assessment and treatment. The kids are staying with their Gramma."

"So I guess you will be motoring down to Hamilton frequently over the next few days. What about Sunday at the Church?"

"Ted Brandon has agreed to give a message. He is one of our senior board members. Initially he was really ticked off with my ultimatum from the pulpit three weeks ago. But he has turned around, and is about to start a mid-week discussion group for students from the college. Looks quite promising. Will be part of the new outreach push which we have envisioned."

"Yeah, Beef, that's one of the main reasons why I suggested this lunch. I have proposed to my associate Craig Randall that he make himself available for Sundays and mid-week over the next three weeks at your place. He seems keen and has shared my curiosity as to your new scheme of things. He really enjoyed that joint men's breakfast which we held about four months ago. Made a couple of new friends. It's good for him in this first year of transition from Winnipeg...So, whatdya say?"

Sounds like a good idea Todd for two Sundays following this one, and perhaps for some office time on say, Thursdays. But I would really like to leave mid-week with my people. Mustn't give the impression that it is time again to run to the professionals in order to hold the place together. It is their community of faith. Through this moderate inconvenience it is my hope that they will take hold of the reins and grow. As you will recall I made it quite clear that I am no longer the "canal horse". I will try for Tuesdays in the office and some visitations."

"So you won't say that God caused the accident, but you know that He is going to use it?"

"Yep...Ah, the salads. Here we go. I'm starved. Bachelor food is lousy."

(See the earlier post of April 15, 2011 entitled A Most Needful Message.)


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