Bondservant's Plea

(Ministered by the group "Downhere". An old Keith Green song with mucho heart.)

Let me rediscover you
And breathe in me your life anew.
Tell me of the God I never knew
And let me rediscover you.

The time had come to step out in freedom, but my love for the Master would not allow it. I wished to remain His and I submitted the lobe of my ear to the mallet and awl. "Nail it to the lintel of the door. Please, now. I will never leave the Master's house; never leave His service. I renounce my own path. I tie my destiny into the Master's."

That had been the decision so many years back. He had watched over me through good times and bad; my family as well. But I consider things now and my understanding of Him. So much that I still do not know. He is so far beyond me. So deep. So constant. While I waiver. Do I bring Him pleasure? Do I get the work done in a manner fitting His nobility? Oh teach me more Master. Bring out what you expect to find in me. I will not settle for the standards of other bondservants here; not even for the steward's.

I am here...alone...waiting.

Let me rediscover You.


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