Monday, August 15, 2011

Bondservant's Plea

(Ministered by the group "Downhere". An old Keith Green song with mucho heart.)

Let me rediscover you
And breathe in me your life anew.
Tell me of the God I never knew
And let me rediscover you.

The time had come to step out in freedom, but my love for the Master would not allow it. I wished to remain His and I submitted the lobe of my ear to the mallet and awl. "Nail it to the lintel of the door. Please, now. I will never leave the Master's house; never leave His service. I renounce my own path. I tie my destiny into the Master's."

That had been the decision so many years back. He had watched over me through good times and bad; my family as well. But I consider things now and my understanding of Him. So much that I still do not know. He is so far beyond me. So deep. So constant. While I waiver. Do I bring Him pleasure? Do I get the work done in a manner fitting His nobility? Oh teach me more Master. Bring out what you expect to find in me. I will not settle for the standards of other bondservants here; not even for the steward's.

I am here...alone...waiting.

Let me rediscover You.

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