The Children's Bread

Stewart and Krista Cromarty had only been occasional attenders at Calvary Temple. But recently they had felt a greater compulsion to worship. Perhaps the cumulative effect of Uncle George's testimony for Christ and his recent stroke had impressed them with their need.

They heard of the movings and shakings at Crosspoints, but the development of friendships and providence had placed them elsewhere. A men's Bible study which Stewart attended had been investing time recently in new insights into Holy Communion. Both spouses were hoping to see it celebrated more frequently at Calvary.

Stewart had been particularly interested in Paul's teaching of blessings to health and body to be derived from the Sacrament properly taken (1 Corinthians 11). He could not shake the image of that little Gentile woman pleading with Jesus for the "children's bread" that her daughter might be healed (Matthew 15). Of course Krista's fibromyalgia was always on his mind. Pain in hips and lower back often made housework, walking and climbing the stairs intolerable. How could it not be Jesus' will to bring relief to his dear wife?

Sunday evening found the two showing up early at the special Communion called for by Craig Randall; happily receiving his every word on the holy remembrance; delving deep into their hearts for cleansing and thanksgiving; sensing the world-wide reality of this family exercise of hope "til He come".

After receipt of the bread and wine the congregation stood for a special prayer of dedication and a hymn. When they took again their seats Krista remained standing for so long that all eyes turned toward her. Purposefully she excused herself down the pew and headed for the front steps. She climbed them with ease, turned to the congregation and announced, "It's gone...this fibromyalgia is gone. Pain free. Thank you Jesus!"

The response in the house was electric.


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