Keith Speaks Again

The heart and the hunger of Keith Green, singer-prophet of over three decades ago, often put the Church to shame.

There is a new release of the song "Let Me Rediscover You" by the group "Downhere". I hope that it gets lots of mileage over the airways. The singer is dry as the song begins, tired of the games and pounding momentum of religion and program. He seeks a new vision and understanding of the Master... a new commissioning.

He is done with the "same-old", the strawberry socials; the breakfasts and small talk; the teaching which fattens the flock but never blesses the stranger; the courteous hold on emotion; the thinning use of the name of Jesus; the stultifying of the testimonies of those startled by grace. With familiarity, rigid terms of reference and vain repetition he has put the story of Jesus into a box, and a distorted one.

He feels that he must almost start anew and alone. So few today have the time, patience or interest to do this. But without this process, man by man, woman by woman, life will continue to drain from the assemblies as they become more like theatres and less like Bethany where Jesus so happily visited and bestowed wonders.


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