Musical Possibilities

Music defies analysis. It contains every emotion, every promise, every discovery. Its chords and its rhythms are in the swoosh of a meadow, the flap of pigeons' wings, the tinkle of a wind chime, the boom of an awning in strong wind, the clock at the cathedral.

In one of my favourite movies music is the avenue for a miracle for one gifted orphan boy, come to the streets of New York. He does not know the circumstances of the departure of his parents (both musically gifted), but he knows that he hears things neglected by others, and suspects that his parents share this aptitude. Perhaps this inner ear will bring them all together.

I will not spoil the story line or the beautiful conclusion. I will only say that the eleven year old child's premonitions are realized. Some will say that the story is over the top in a fairy tale or Dickensian way. But then so is music.

At one point, when the boy's talents are becoming apparent, he is asked what he would like to be. His answer, simply: "Found".

There is almost a parable here of Gospel intensity. Something put within that somehow resonates with the indescribable; that expects love and rest, fulfilment and family in being "found".

If at all possible see the movie "August Rush". I found one DVD today at the sales clear-out table. Now, observe as the child discovers...


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