Poignant Moment in Music

I have been in meetings where the simplicity and trust of the following song lyrics have broken me and brought me into the celebration hall of the King of Kings. Truly an expression of worship which has no need to use the "enticing words of men's wisdom". It is simply spirit responding to Spirit:

Words and music: Tanya Goodman and Michael Sykes

The King of Who I Am

My days are filled with laughter,
My heart has known Your peace.
I've travelled far, still there is far to go.
'Cause in my heart there is a longing,
To look upon Your face.
Where You are is where I want to be.


You are my King;
You are the Lamb;
Lion of Judah,
Seed of Abraham,
The Holy One,
God's only Son.
You are the King of who I am.

Every road I've travelled down,
You have walked before me.
Made the light to shine out of darkness.
I am looking for the day when I bow before You,
Lay my crown at Your feet.

(Chorus Again)


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