Ready for the Call

He calls you
When there's nothing left but pleading.
When the grim resolve you birthed
Has come and gone.
When the stumbling past
Re-visits with a vengeance.
And the face betrays
The force to carry on.

He sees you
When the days seem all so common.
When the evening prayer is lost
To clouded sleep.
When the Book of Life
Is shut to new discovery,
And the first-love fire
Impossible to keep.

He knows you
As the shepherd knows his lambkin.
And your stumblings and wanderings
In the climb.
But He promised through
The season to sustain you,
And His caring shoulders
Bore you many a time.

Christ loves you
And this truth proves all-sufficient.
And will clear the mists of doubt
And dull despair.
And will steel you for
New purpose in His timing,
With the force and fire
To work His wonders there.


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